If you have been following me for a while, you’ll probably know that I love being up to date on trends in the entertainment and pop culture industry, which is why I’m always looking for new tv shows to watch during my Sunday nights.

A few weeks ago  I found a series that caught my attention, “The Bold Type” an American comedy-drama aired on Freeform that follows the adventures of 3 friends in their mid-20s who work for Scarlet magazine a prestigious women’s magazine in New York. Its third season is expected to be released in April 2019.


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The show is mainly focused on Jane (Katie Stevens), a 25-years-old journalist who finally was promoted to work as a writer after starting as an assistant for Scarlet magazine. But Jane is not alone in this glamorous odyssey in the publishing industry, our protagonist is accompanied by two of her best friends who also work for the magazine. Kat (Aisha Dee) the social media director, who is exploring her sexuality after falling in love with Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) a Muslim artist and photographer, while  Sutton (Meghann Fahy) is a fashion assistant at the magazine, who has been sleeping with Richard Hunter (Sam Page), a lawyer for the magazine’s publishing group and a board member.

Additionally, the girls have as a mentor to Jacqueline Carlyle ( Melora Hardin), editor-in-chief of Scarlet magazine, the antithesis of Miranda Priestly from the classic “The Devils Wear Prada.” Jacqueline plays the role of a maternal figure in the show that guide the girls in any of their adventures at work, and in their personal lives.  

The three friends will face different dilemmas in their personal and romantic lives, accompanied by the daily challenges of the fashion and publishing industry. The series also explores different topics with sensitivity and nuance that allows to create empathy with the characters.

My Opinion

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I think the show is great as long as we keep in mind that this is fantasy and does not represent 100% the reality of a writer in New York. Of course, the creative team behind the show have tried to talk about different real conflicts such as romances at work, explore your sexuality, rape, possession of weapons, work conflicts with your colleagues, and the BRCA breast cancer gene, but as many other shows that follows a group of friends in their mid-20s trying to make it in the Big Apple, they have failed to introduce a more realistic side of life.

As a journalist I can tell you that is not as easy and glamorous as the tv shows tend to introduce our lives. In fact, according to The Cut around 2,100 people  lost their jobs in the media industry early this year, big companies like The Hollywood Reporter, Buzzfeed, and Verizon which owns HuffPost, Yahoo, and AOL, among others, laid-off between a 7 and 10 percent of their staff due to financial imperatives and the whims of investors. So, the idea of young journalist wearing the last seasons of big brands, and going to fancy parties all the time does not completely match the reality of a journalist today.

It’s easy to imagine closets full of Gucci and Miu Miu, and writers who wear Burberry trench coats to nightclubs; it is harder to imagine a staff of women who eat chicken over rice in flimsy styrofoam containers and pray most nights that they will still have jobs next month. For writers like Jane, the struggle is only half real.” –  Rachel Syme,  television critic for The New Republic.

But the reality is that “The Bold Type” like many other series create universes that serve to entertain us, and help us to get away from the hustle and bustle of our immediate realities.

If you’re a fan of series like “Younger,” you’ll probably love this tv show, and if I’m honest I can’t wait to watch the third season.

Curious Facts

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And finally, I would like to share with you some curious facts about the series that you probably did not know.

  • Scarlet  magazine is a veiled mash-up of Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.
  •  The  Safford’s headquarters was inspired by Hearts’ tower in New York City.
  •   Melora Hardin’s character (Jacqueline) was inspired in Joanna Coles,  former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, and one of the show’s executive producers.
  • Pinstripe (Daniel Jeannotte) one of Jane’s love insterests on the tv show, slighly remind us to Matthew Hussey, the British dating coach, who has had a column in Cosmopolitan since 2015.
  • Incite was inspired by VICE the Canadian-American print magazine, where Jane is supposed to deliver controversial clickbait.
  • The Bold Type” is filmed in Canada, although the show focuses on a magazine located in New York City.

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