I recently watched the  “Before” trilogy  starring by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, and I fell in love with the story, especially I loved the way they tell the story of the characters to the viewers, it’s fresh, sincere and realistic. For this reason, I want to talk with you guys about these three films … So if you are a romantic and love the seventh art, don’t hesitate to see this romantic drama film directed by Richard Linklater.


Before Sunrise (1995)

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It all begins in “Before Sunrise“, when Jesse (Ethan Hawke) meets Céline (Julie Delpy) on a train in Budapest. Jesse is on his way to Vienna to catch a flight that will take him back to the United States, while Céline goes back to the University of Paris after visiting his grandmother.

After witnessing a couple arguing in the wagon, Céline decides to change seats which motivates Jesse to start a conversation with her  and the chemistry that arises between them is undeniable; for that reason Jesse decides to convinces Céline to disembark with him in Vienna, arguing that  in 10 or 20 years down the road, she might not be happy with her marriage and might wonder how her life would have been different if she had picked another guy. She accepts. But the tricky part is that Jesse has to catch a flight early in the morning, what it means they will have limited time to spend together around the city.

As the film progresses and both young people walk through the city of Vienna without a fixed direction, they begin to know each other. Jesse is a young American who disguises his insecurities with cynicism, while Céline appears to be a naive and romantic young woman,  but as their adventure progresses we will discover her doubts about love.

At first glance, they may look like water and oil, but both characters create an unequaled connection that makes them fall in love, despite having promised that their adventure would be a one-night thing. This is the type of minimalist film where it’s appeal and beauty lies in the performances and dialogues of its protagonists.  


Before Sunset (2004) 

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The sequel to this movie is set nine years after the first meeting of Jesse and Céline on the train. Directed again by Richard Linklater, this time we find out how have changed the characters and their perspectives on love. Jesse, became a writer, and thanks to that adventure of one night in Vienna he decides to write a book called “This Time”,  that becomes in a  Bestseller reason why he does a tour in Europe and gives a talk and book signing in a small bookstore in Paris, where he meets Céline again. 


In this opportunity we find the characters more mature, no longer that innocence shines in their eyes, both characters have changed, their lives are different and their dreams are no longer what they glimpsed; but there has always been a constant, their eagerness to know about the other. As in the first film, time seems to limit their encounters, this time Jesse must take a flight at the end of the afternoon, so they have until sunset to catch up and ask all those things that were unfinished; while both walk the streets of Paris.



Before Midnight (2013)

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Nine years have passed since “Before Sunset” and this time we see Jesse and Céline at another stage of their lives. They have closed chapters of their past, and have managed to be together for the last few years, but love and relationships are not perfect comes with ups and downs, and Céline seems to have doubts about her feelings towards Jesse after all these years. 

This third installment of the film captivates us with its deep dialogues, it’s reflections on life and love, but above all, it teaches us how to fall in love again according to the stage of our lives.  


 What did I love about the movies? 

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It feels real. We are not talking about the classic love drama film and  “they lived happily ever after”, I feel that both, the actors (who contributed in the writing of the script) and Linklater, knew how to shape the variants of love, from youth to adulthood, and how it’s changing.

You may at first glance look like a couple walking the streets of different cities, but these films are more than that, especially because they have the gift of leaving you reflecting on life and love.

Did you watch the movies? What do you think? Did you loved it or did you hated it? I would love to hear your opinion about it! 


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