Although my beginnings were as a reporter. I immediately fell in love with social media due to its immediacy and dynamism. So, I started working as a Social Media Manager as soon as I could.

The first brand I had the pleasure to work with was Veonoticia, a digital newspaper located in Chile. I worked with them as a  freelance social media manager from 2015 to 2016. I used to lead the brand’s content on Twitter and Facebook,
I enjoy creating valuable content on different platforms. In fact, it’s thanks to my background that I’m quite versatile when it comes to creating content.
Below you will find examples of my work as Social Media Manager.

Mystery Label, Vancouver, Canada

I used to work as a Social Media Manager and Content Writer for Mystery Label, a Canadian company focuses on the fashion industry and AI technology.


Kuvu , Bilbao, Spain

I also used to be the content media manager of Kuvu, a company focused on real estate in Spain. I was in charge of creating content for the blog and its social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Hkarlis18, Personal Blog

As I mentioned before, I love creating content in different formats. In fact, in my free time, I am a blogger. I create content about travel and lifestyle.
Also, photography is another of my hobbies. So, I enjoy sharing photos of places that I have had the opportunity to visit.

Xo on Elm Restaurant, Manchester U.S



I worked with this brand for a couple of months. Unfortunately, the owners decided to sell the restaurant.