I used to work for an advertising agency focused on advising companies in the food and gastronomy market.

Below you will find examples of my work as a Social Media Manager for the restaurant Xo on Elm Restaurant, located in Manchester U.S.


Feed: Before and After


Before starting to work with the brand, I realized that although some of the photos in the feed were good, it gave a visual sense of disorder. That’s why I decided to create a visual and graphic harmony with the help of images taken from free banks pictures, and professional photos of the food.


Before. Credits: Xo on Elm Restaurant Instagram

I tried to highlight the colors of the brand in order to create a more professional concept that would draws people’s attention. Always keeping in mind that the main focus of Instagram is the photo.

Finally, I created a color harmony between the continuity of the pictures, what gives you as a final result a more colorful and attractive feed.

After. Credits: Xo on Elm Restaurant Instagram


Content: Before and After


Although captions can be up to 2,200 characters in length, experts in the field suggest to keep it simple and just write 125 characters or less.

Before. Credits: Xo on Elm Restaurant Instagram


At the beginning they were writing too much without seeing any feedback from their followers, that’s why I decided to start writing less and change the writing style for something more interesting that could convey the essence of the brand, and attract the attention of their target audience.  When I switched the method, they begin to see more interaction from  their followers such as more comments and likes.


After. Credits: Xo on Elm Restaurant Instagram


Instagram Stories: Before and After


At the beginning, the brand did not use some of the tools that Instagram offers to users, such as stories in their account,which caused the content to be repetitive and unattractive.


Before. Credits: Xo on Elm Restaurant Instagram


I decided to change that dynamic, share stories more often, and use other tools within stories such as the location, hashtag, gifs, questions, pool and quizzes among others, in order to connect with users in a more fun way.

I also decided to share more nutritious content, such as fun facts about food, along with colorful images.


After. Credits: Xo on Elm Restaurant Instagram


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