I currently work for a technology company in Canada, focused on developing an AI-driven recommendation engine, that helps people find outfits online from multiple fashion brands in one place.

In Mystery Label I work as Content Writer and Social Media Manager. I lead the content found on the website, including the content that is generated weekly for the blog. I am also the Social Media Manager so I generate content for the brand’s social networks

Below you’ll find some samples of my work.

Brand Introduction

I developed the content found on the landing page, and other sections of the website such as the “About Us,” and ” How It Works,” among others.


Email Marketing

I executed the content and graphic work for email marketing campaigns, such as the sample below.


I am also in charge of writing weekly content on the latest fashion trends on the website.

Social Media

I currently lead the creation of content for the brand’s social networks, mainly Facebook and Instagram. I execute the content and graphic work on each platform. In addition, I schedule the content, lead ideas, search images, executed growth strategies, and interact with followers.