Bella Destination Weddings is a company focused on luxury destination weddings. I worked with them as their Web Content Editor.

I led the brand’s content on the website. My duties included writing, editing, and working closely with my writing team to ensure that their content followed our guidelines. In addition to offering readers the latest news on weddings and destinations.

Moreover, I searched and edited images, executed growth strategies, led our monthly email marketing campaigns, and I was in charge of designing the free monthly guides. Finally, I must emphasize that I also used to assist with the updates made on the website such as installing plugins on WordPress.

Below you will find a few examples of my work with this brand:

Website of the Brand

Getting married is one of the most important moments for any woman around the world. Therefore, at Bella Destination Weddings I focus on offering in-depth information about everything that involves achieving the perfect wedding in a friendly and digestible way.

That’s why all the sections in the blog seek to answer some of the most common concerns of brides to be. In addition to offering the latest trends in destination weddings.

Lead Magnet Campaign ( Free Guide)

Part of our strategy to get new subscribers to our email marketing list was to develop a quiz that will help you determine what style of bride you are.

After taking the test you get a free guide with all the information about that wedding style. During this process, I led the creation of the guides that people would get in exchange for subscribing.  By clicking in the picture above you will see one of the freebies.