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Vancouver is a city located in British Columbia, Canada, and is considered one of the best cities in the world to live; thanks to its natural environment and wonderful landscapes, Vancouver is blessed with the most beautiful settings in the world, making it impossible to find in other cities because it has a natural diversity between mountains, rivers, an active volcano and a temperate rainforest with huge trees, among which stand out places such as The North Shore Mountains and English Bay off of the Pacific Ocean, among others. That’s why it is not surprising that this city is considered a second home for Hollywood when it comes to filming movies.

Luckily I had the opportunity to live for a season in Vancouver and discover each of its corners, and let me tell you that it is impossible not to fall in love with that city, its natural beauty and the respectful personality of Canadiens make it worth it. This city is an outdoor playground which means that spending time in the house is a total waste when Vancouver has so much to offer, for that reason today I want to share with you the best places to visit during your stay in Vancouver.


Science World

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The Science World it’s located at the end of False Creek and it is considered one of the emblematic places of the city of Vancouver, due to its spherical shape.

This science center presents different rooms where you can learn about different subjects throughout the years and it is an ideal option for children, especially when you want to spend a recreational afternoon with the family. But one of the things that made me fall in love with this place was to be able to observe the sphere with its lights at night from the Skytrain, without a doubt, a romantic and beautiful experience.


Vancouver Public Library

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If you love books and architecture you must visit this library that was designed in the form of a coliseum. This architectural beauty is one of the largest libraries in Canada and has more than 2.2 million books and articles. It was designed by the architect Moshe Safdie, known for being awarded in 1967 as the man of the construction of the concession of the year of the magazine Engineering News Record.

The library is located at the  350 West Georgia Street Vancouver, British Columbia.


Stanley Park


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Stanley Park is the lung of the city of Vancouver, a green oasis of 400 hectares that allows its visitors to enjoy the best views of the city and the mountains. This urban park, is the favorite of the locals, due to the kilometers of trails, beaches, and wildlife, this place offers to  people a wide range of activities to entertain themselves outdoors, like riding a bicycle, having a picnic, giving a ride in a carriage with horses and playgrounds; but if you are looking for something more chilled to do, such as sitting on the grass and talking with friends or even reading a book, Stanley park is the ideal option to spend your free time and enjoy the outdoors. Also in the park, you can find the aquarium, one of the largest in Canada.


Lynn Canyon Park


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Lynn Canyon Park counts with 617 acres of forest, making it the ideal location for spending a weekend with your friends, family or partner; and enjoy a picnic, hike, swimming in one of the popular holes or just enjoy a day outdoors taking pictures of the wildlife.

One peculiarity about this park it’s that it has ancestral trees around 80 to 100 years old. Also, one of the favorite things to do for tourists and locals is walked through the suspension bridge that sways 50 meters above the canyon; and we can’t forget to mention, the diverse hiking trails that offer Lynn Canyon which will connect you with other parks near to the region such as Lynn Headwaters, Rice Lake, and Inter River Park.


Grouse Mountain


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First of all, I would like to clarify that to fully enjoy this experience, you have to visit Grouse Mountain on two different occasions, the first should be during the spring or summer and the second during the winter because this mountain will allow you to live two experiences unique with different things to do, according to the season. 

Grouse Mountain is known for being one of the North Shore Mountains of the Pacific Ranges in North Vancouver, Canada. This mountain exceeds 4,000 feet in altitude, making it a great option for practices some snow sports during the winter while on warmer seasons locals and tourists enjoy other types of activities as lumberjack shows and birds demonstration, educational programs for kids, ziplines, chairlift ride and a hiking trail known as the Grouse Grind of 2.9 km, among others. In addition to being able to enjoy different restaurants and coffee shops that will seduce your palate and will allow you to live a magnificent experience on this mountain.


English Bay Beach 

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One of the most popular places to visit during the summer, ideal for tanning, having a picnic or sitting and admiring the view with good company. The only detail is that if you are Latino, do not have high expectations regarding the beach, the water is freezing and does not compare with our definition of beach, soft white sands, and warm waters, English Bay is the opposite, but It is still a nice place to visit and have a good time.

Among the range of activities that you can do stand out: enjoy the view of Vancouver Island 15-35 km away, water activities like sailboats, powerboats, kayaks, paddle boarders and waterslide; but if you want to stay out of the water you can practice activities as exercise or yoga, among others.

And for the photography lovers, not only will you be able to capture the best sunsets with their lenses, also you will be able to photograph art demonstrations like the giant statues laughing Yue Minjun, among other sculptures that can be found in the surrounding area.


The Rocky Mountains Park 

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Rocky Mountains has been one of the most wonderful places I have had the pleasure of visiting. A work of art of nature that encompasses more than 4,800 km from the northern part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico in the Southwestern United States.

 Rocky mountain is one of those places that make you fall in love from the beginning to the end because each location seems like a work of art, but without a doubt, I must mention some  places that you should visit during this tour such as:

  1.  Johnston Canyon, a place ideal for a walk and take amazing pictures of nature and the wildlife.
  2.  Visit the Glaciers, that can be seen from the tops of the peaks to the bottom of the valleys.
  3. Take one of those River Safari tours and see the bears in their natural environment.
  4. Visit The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel one of the most iconic and oldest hotels, near this area that is characterized by its medieval architecture that captivates tourists, and of course, if your pocket allows you to stay at this hotel you’re gonna make your visit to  Rocky Mountains even more special and unique.
  5. And finally, visit the Lake Louise, my favorite place in the Rocky Mountains park, because there you’ll find the most beautiful view you’ll ever be seen in your life; and besides being able to enjoy a view like that, during the summer you can practice Kayak in the lake while during the winter another type of activities, but for me! Lake Louise is the perfect place to propose to your partner – you may call me a hopeless romantic but it’s the perfect landscape -. 


Hockey and Coffee 



And to live a full experience in Vancouver, you can not miss the opportunity of seeing a hockey game and visit the Rogers Arena home of the Canucks, the city’s hockey team. On the other hand, Vancouver is a city where you can enjoy a good coffee thanks to the variety of coffee shops that you can find on every corner, but if you are looking for a large franchise, you must visit Tim Horton and enjoy one of their donuts and a good cup of coffee to keep warm.


On the other hand, if you would like to see more amazing photos of Canada, follow me on my Instagram account @ hkarlis18,    and I would love to hear your opinion, and of course, I’ll love to know if have you ever been in Vancouver, Canada






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