Believe it or not, the psychology of color, your personal brand, and fashion are more related than you think.

I’m still surprised to hear people say that how we dress shouldn’t be important, and I couldn’t disagree more. Fashion may sound something superficial for many people, but the reality is that how we dress says something about us, we are sending a message with every single piece of our outfits, and that’s because clothes have the power to convey emotions.

First impressions matter, and although Andy had a second chance to prove she could be as good as any other woman in the magazine, the crude truth is that in real life there are not always second chances. In addition, we must emphasize that the moment in which she won the respect of everyone in the office was when she began to dress according to the work environment in which she was, and after fulfilling the professional work that was expected of her.

It’s like that iconic moment in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, when Andy Sachs had her interview for Runway magazine, and editor Miranda Priestley looked her up and down. At that time she was sending a clear message, she was not what the company was looking for, so, she wasn’t a good fit. 

By this I don’t mean that we should pretend to be something that we are not, but finding clothes that fit us well, represents our personality, and help us to convey positive things, it’s important in the workplace. That’s why today I want to talk about personal branding, and the importance of color in fashion.

 Personal Branding: Why Is It So important?

Your personal brand is basically how you promote yourself. Therefore it is important to keep in mind that the way you interact with others, dress and even interact in social media platforms says something about you and your brand.

“The most personal way to communicate online is with video. Simply use your smartphone to video message your clients, make a personal connection with prospective clients and connect with co-workers. After all, you always have your smartphone on you!” explains Pelpina Trip a social video strategist.

So, the main keys you should put into practice every day in order to build your own brand are: 

  • Be Genuine: Tell your story and be honest. People value a lot more when they feel that a brand is real and can identify with what it represents.
  • Have a Focus: Accomplish one task at a time will make you feel that you are progressing, and will help you achieve your main goal.
  • Be Consistent: According to experts, it is much easier to be recognized in a niche market if you constantly create content, and a voice around that brand.
  • Be Ready to Fail: Success is not something that happens immediately, so do not be frustrated when things do not go as expected. Learning from our mistakes is essential to grow and improve.

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Psychology of Color

According to experts, color has the ability to influence your mind and mood, that’s why learn to combine clothes and color it’s so important, especially when we talk about color and fashion in the work scene. When you go to an interview you want to present the best version of yourself, and the reality is that is not enough just to have a nice resume.

During interviews, there are many facts that play a role on the table, and how we dress is one of those. Keep in mind that it only takes 90 seconds to form an impression based on someone’s outfit, and a 62% of that impression is based on color, for this reason I consider that knowing your body and the colors that favor your  is essential to use them to our benefit.


Red has always been a powerful color that catches people’s attention right away.  This color is associated with strength and power. In fact, a study made by the University of Rochester found that waitresses who wore red colors earned better tips than women who didn’t.

Red can be your best ally in a work environment, because it gives you that intangible quality that we usually associate with capable, confident and bold people, but it is important to keep in mind that we should not overdo it, let a piece be the focus of your outfit and combine red with neutral colors and fabrics without very crazy prints, this will help you to create a clean and attractive outfit.


White reflects purity and innocence, so when you wear this color as a predominant piece in your outfit, you convey that sense of order, neatness and even wisdom.

This color can be commonly seen in people who practice professions such as medicine and in companies linked to this niche market, but also the white color is common to find in technology companies like Apple. This is because in some way this color conveys inner peace, and is a color that your mind associates with perfection and neatness.


four beautiful and stylish girls walking in the summer city with bags in their hands

Black is a color that can not be missing in any wardrobe, and this is due to its versatility and the ease it gives to combine it with other colors and create a harmonious outfit.

This color subtly cognitive elegance, but it’s also associated with independent, and powerful people. However, keep in mind that abusing black is not a good idea, especially in the workplace because you may be giving the wrong impression, black can sometimes be associated with negative emotions such as sadness, lack of personality and boredom, so it is better to always add some color to your outfit either through accessories or other garments.


Elegant black woman standing in a summer city. Businesswoman in a blue pants

The blue color is the opposite of the color red, so it can offer emotions such as peace, calm, and security, but just like black, you should take care not to use this color too much because it can convey negative feelings such as sadness and loneliness .

We often find this color in companies related to the field of health and technology, due to how your brain feels when it sees it. But if you know how to play with other shades derived from this color, or even with tones of a warmer palette, you can create a dazzling appearance that will make thousands of people sigh when they see it.

Color Dressing Guide

Below you will find a graphic guide that will help you learn what colors you should combine, in order to create harmonious outfits.

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