This movie is based on the true story of Molly Bloom, role played by Jessica Chastain. The so-called Poker Princess, who managed to rule in a world run only by men, by leading the best poker games in L.A. and in the city of New York, in an exclusive environment where only the Crème de la Crème around the world was invited during the late 2000s.

There was a time in her life where she was a Freestyle Mughal skier in the US team and with a promising career in this snow sport, but  a small mistake blow her plans in life when she received a severe back injury due to a lone stick during a tournament that prevented her from qualifying the Olympics.

At that moment Molly lost all that for what she had fought so hard, and after recovery, she decided to start from scratch and build her own path to success by moving to L.A. But, coming from a family where being successful is a must and not an option, Molly faced the pressure of being successful at any cost. One of her brothers, Jeremy Bloom, was twice an Olympic freestyle skier and also a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers, while her other brother became a surgeon graduated from Harvard Medical School.

At first, she lived on a friend’s couch and worked as a waitress until a recurring client offered her a job as his assistant, but what seemed like an insignificant offer was what opened Bloom’s doors to an underground world of poker games with the most powerful men in Hollywood.


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Her work as the assistant of Jeremy Strong – in the movie, a character apparently inspired in Darin Feinstein–  was simple, organize the games that were held every week, notify players, and manage the accounts; while she was receiving the players’ juicy tips as a salary. Quickly, Molly began to learn the rules of the game and everything related to this type of clandestine encounters, where powerful men enjoyed betting thousands of dollars for the simple pleasure of winning.

But at the moment that her working relationship with Jeremy Strong became unsustainable, Bloom decided to “steal” the game and his entire client portfolio, giving these meetings a more luxurious touch at high-end hotels accompanied by costly drinks and the certainty that you could surround yourself with the most relevant people in Hollywood at a poker table.

But of course, nothing in life is perfect and after having forged a position in a world ruled by men, Bloom was knockout by Player X, a character portrayed by Michael Cera and inspired in Tobey Maguire; who jealous about  the power that she was acquiring, and annoyed of the amount of money that Molly was doing, he decided to remove her from the scene of the clandestine poker in Hollywood. But Molly Bloom is not the type of woman who is left with a defeat and arms crossed, this situation forced her to manage to get the game back in her hands, so she decided to move to New York City and establish again the clandestine games with the richest pockets of the new yorkers, sports celebrities, and royalty.

Bloom ran the most exclusive high-stakes poker game for a decade before being arrested by some FBI agents. The game and the reputation of Molly grew up so fast that it reached the ears of government agents, she was extending the credit to the players and some of them were not paying.  At one point it became untenable to exercise the role of the bank, and it was in that moment when she broke the law, and she started taking a percentage of the pot. But the feds started following Molly’s trail after one of her former players/ clients, Bradley Ruderman, hedge fund manager,  was caught running a Ponzi scheme in her L.A. game, and that was the incident that lit the fuse. In addition to that,  she had Russian mobsters as her players in the New York game ( something unknown to her) but that did not help her regarding the charges she faced.

Curious Facts


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  •  Molly Bloom wrote a book that bears the same name as the film, where she tells in greater detail her adventures in the underground world of poker with the most affluent and powerful men in Hollywood and the world.
  •  Some of the most famous celebrities who attended Molly’s clandestine games were: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Macaulay Culkin, Alex Rodriguez, the Olsen twins and Pete Sampras, among others.
  • But one of the Hollywood personalities that have most stood out in this story, has been the actor Tobey Maguire, who in the movie – apparently- they portrayed as Player X. According to the story Tobey in real life is not as innocent and sweet as his character  Peter Parker from the 2000s Spiderman movies; in fact, Molly mentioned in her book that one day Maguire offered her a tip of $ 1,000 if she barked as a  seal, she refused. Molly describes Tobey in her book as  “the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser.”
  • Charlie Jaffey was a fictional character that Aaron Sorkin created for the movie because he did not want to worry about having to be faithful to the real story of the lawyer who defended Molly in the case. The director sought to have freedom with respect to the character played by  Idris Elba, and thus be able to offer someone who would adapt to the needs of the script, and the story they were telling.
  • The biggest amount of money that someone lost in Molly’s games was $ 100 million dollars. That person went the next day and paid what he had lost.  
  • Currently, Molly works by sharing her experience in networking and business with other women who want to be successful in their business. Teaching others about her mistakes and looking to create a localized co-working space for women.

Molly’s Game Movie 


Rating: R. Genre: Drama.
Directed By: Aaron Sorkin. Written By: Aaron Sorkin
Box Office: $14,073,138. Runtime: 
Studio: STXfilms.







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