Usually, New Year’s Eve is associated  with a huge celebration that must involve a party, some fancy cocktails, champagne, and outfits to the best Hollywood style, but of course, all this goes along with the hope of finding a partner with whom spend the best night of your life and – if you’re lucky enough- get that magical kiss at midnight; or at least that is the concept that big film industries have sold us.

For most people, New Year’s Eve is one of the most important events of the year and if you are a Latino, you will know how important it is to spend that day surrounded by your family and friends while you practices all your traditions to receive a prosperous new year’s. But let’s be honest, usually, New Year’s Eve is not as glam as in the movies; but a condition that prevails is the fact of spending that night surrounded by people, and the most important thing is not to do it alone, or that’s what people say and makes us believe.

So… what happens when you’re kilometers away from home? The first instinct, of course, is feeling homesickness, or even FOMO. And lately, this is a topic that has become frequent among my friends – What to do on New Year’s Eve if you have just moved to another country and do not have anybody there?-.

That’s why today I want to talk about this issue, regardless of the reasons why you have to spend this December 31 alone, I want to give you some ideas about how to spend a wonderful night. Because who says you can’t have a great New Year’s Eve on your own?


Stay off any social network


Why? The answer is simple if you start scrolling through that feed and see how your family and friends back home, are having a great time without you, you would end up feeling sad and you would fall into the FOMO. So, avoid your phone for one day and try to enjoy some quality time with yourself.

And remember,  if you recently went through a bad break up, avoid stalk your ex-boyfriend or the person who broke your heart on social media. Seeing all those pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat will not help you to feel better.


Do exercise



During the day take some time to go outside and take a walk, run or practice yoga, do whatever you want but do something, because it’s proven that practice a physical activity is one of the best options to combat stress or nostalgia, and after an exercise session you will notice how you feel more cheerful.


Take a bath and relax


Forget about work, stress and any of your current problems during that day and try to keep positive thoughts. In addition, set time for yourself and take a bath, put your favorite playlist, grab one of those flavored bombs and some soaps, accompanied with a good glass of wine and enjoy the sudsy water.

And during that relaxing moment, think about how you would like to enjoy that day? Are you an outdoor enthusiast or an indoor person? because depending on that we can plan the best way to spend  New Year’s Eve.


Outdoor enthusiast 

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If you love being outdoors, the best option is to research what events will take place in your city during that day. And in addition, you can search among the restaurants what special options are they offering for New Year’s Eve and enjoy a good dinner with your best dress.

But if you still want to spend your day surrounded by people, a great option is to sing up to the Meetups app, where depending on your tastes you can connect with people of similar interests and enjoy different events near to you.  This app is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.


Indoor Person


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But if your case is opposite to that described above, a good option is to find a simple recipe to prepare at night and buy all the ingredients in a nearby supermarket. But if you are one of those people who doesn’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, you can always order something delicious for delivery to your place.

For the other hand, make a list of your favorite movies and make yourself comfortable to spend the night in your bed, enjoying those movies or tv shows that make you smile while you are eating some snacks with a good hot chocolate cup.

And remember, you do not necessarily have to watch a movie. Just try to find something that entertains you and enjoy it, the important thing here is to keep you cheerful.

Time to reflect


Before midnight tries to reflect on what do you want for the year that is to come. Your goals, wishes, aspirations and what do you want to do for this new beginning.

I come from a country with many traditions and superstitions, usually for that day  thousands of rituals are performed to attract good luck, whether wearing red or yellow underwear (yellow for money and red for love), eating lentils and rice, put money in the sole of your right shoe and eat 12 grapes to the beat of the chimes before the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. ; but I bring this up, because I would like to emphasize this last tradition, because regardless of whether it is luck or no, eating the 12 grapes is one of my favorite things about that night, because before sitting down to eat them I like to write my 12 wishes on paper, so, in this way I can set the goals for this new year. What’s the key?  the trick is in not wish for impossible things, you should think about medium-term goals that you know you can achieve.

And the best thing about doing this is that when the year is over, you can review your wish list from the previous year and take stock of what you wanted and achieved.


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