When you finally become independent and find your first apartment it is inevitable not to want to furnish it and decorate it according to your tastes. After all, our home is our temple, it is that happy place that comforts us, that’s why lately I found myself reading more about home decor and searching for the latest trends, in order to being able to create that magical space that feels mine.

But when we talk about interior design there are details that we must take into account to not go crazy. First of all, our budget. Many times I have seen my friends rent apartments and begin to furnish them quickly according to their style without taking into consideration that if they decide or need to move in the near future, they will have to take with them all their stuff, and not necessarily those items will have the right dimensions for the new place. That’s why my first advice is to make a home decor items list, in this way you can keep it simple but cozy.

Be a millennial and learn to have a balance between the glamorous life we ​​want and our budget sometimes is not an easy task. I think the key lies in making smart purchases without spending all our savings, and this reminds me of  when James Corden got candid about his fear of failure when he got his job as the tv host of  CBS’ Late Late Show, during an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in January, 2019.

According to  Corden, when his family moved to Los Angeles, he told his wife that they could not buy anything. “We rented furniture. We rented a couch, everything in our house because I was like, ‘I’m gonna get fired and the only thing worse than getting fired would be getting fired and then left with a couch that we’ve got to get rid of somehow because we’ll be on the first flight back to London just going, ‘Well that was a disaster,'” he said. “I genuinely meant that.”

This may sound somewhat exaggerated, but in a way I agree with Corden. I think that when we first move to an apartment – espeacilly when you are in your early or late 20s-, it’s best to take things slowly and avoid emotional purchases. You must try to be smart when buying furniture and always think about the “what if…” Ask yourself questions such as “if I move this type of furniture is easy to translate?,” or “can it be easily adapted to different spaces?,” think about these questions can save us a lot of money and time. However, I believe that at the beginning  it’s best to rent a furnished apartment and only have to add simple details that will give you that  warm feeling.

After having explained this, below you will find some of the home decor trends of this 2019

Less is More


The golden rule when it comes about decorating your home is keep in mind thatless is more.” Experts in the area explain that it is essential to be strategic and have a purpose about the function of each item that we acquire. These steps are key to creating a harmonious and elegant space.

Becky and Shea, a leading NYC-based high end interior design and lifestyle studio,  explain that “to complement and highlight special pieces, we believe in designing an impeccable foundation through the use of timeless materials, ultimately resulting in bones that evoke emotion whenever you’re in your space.”

Maximalist Design

Via Miles Redd Manhattan based interior design / Trevor Tondo photographer

One of the styles that will predominate this 2019 are the bright colors and graphic patterns that will be increasingly frequent in home decor. This year experts in the area encourage people to do not to be afraid to mix colors, patterns and textures.

Sandra Chandler from  Art. com suggest that we shouldn’t feel afraid to try different styles. “Take a gallery wall to the next level by having it cover an entire wall, or add a dramatic, large-scale piece to your space. In this case, more is more.” This year is all about colors, and self-expression through home decor, so forget about neutral colors and simple materials because the minimalism and Scandinavian design is in decline.

New Nordic

Via Instagram kate.lavie

New Nordic design seems to be one of the favorites this 2019, and this is because it offers the opportunity to decorate elegant spaces without effort, offering a harmonious visual impact.

This style is a variation of the popular Scandi,which offers people  the opportunity to play with different textures to give depth to the place, besides giving that cozy and warm feeling at home. Experts explain that the soft palette of colors mixed with dark pigments, and soft textures will make the perfect contrast when you have wooden furniture.

Some key factors to create the perfect New Nordic space is play with colours such as lavender, sage, blush pink and canvas white. While when it comes about textures the best options for this style are buff leather, earthenware and ash/bleached wood.

Floral Wallpapers

Via Becki Owens /Leanne Ford

Wallpaper is back, and I must admit that it is something that excites me because my mother was always a fan of combining different wallpaper styles and textures in our home when we were little, so, I grew up in a house 100% decorated with it .

Wallpaper is a colorful and easy option that allows creative people to play with different styles and textures. It is ideal for those who seek to add some color and originality to certain areas of their home, and according to experts in home and decoration, this year the floral wallpaper is the favorite. Erin Gates the founder and principal designer of Erin Gates Design, explains that “the traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use.”

Handmade Pieces

Via itsagrandvillelife.com

Our place is our temple, so it is normal that we always look for unique objects that give that touch of originality to our home.

Many millennials often face the difficult task of thinking outside the box when we it comes about interior design. Of course, we are young, we love novelty, and although IKEA is always a good option for our budget sometimes we need something different. That is why handmade pieces can be an excellent option to give a differentiating touch to our spaces because they do not occur en masse.

According to Kristen Peña from K Interior “Items made by hand using sustainable materials like jute, rice paper, and clay will be in, in 2019. We see people needing these grounding elements in their homes as a way to feel more in touch with the earth and their roots.” So, go and walk around your neighborhood and try to find stores specializing in handmade home decor.

Four Posters Beds

Via Pinterest

A four-poster bed is a trend that usually returns to the popularity lists of interior design every so often, and after having disappeared for a long period it seems that the 2019 receives this design again as one of the favorites to decorate our bedroom because it gives us a feeling of classic elegance, and after all, a four-poster bed never goes out of style.

Amy Sklar, expert in  interior design once told that “in uncertain times, people tend to want spaces that bring a sense of comfort and safety. A four-poster bed provides that type of feeling. It’s the closest thing you can get to a hug from a piece of furniture.”

If you recently moved or have already gone through this kind of process, I would love to read your opinion about finding the right furniture and items for decorate your new place

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