Living abroad can be a wonderful experience but at the same time it’s normal that we face certain challenges that we would not experience in our hometown. Facing many changes simulataneously can be frightening, especially when we don’t have our support circle, such as our friends and loved ones, to cope with those changes.

In my experience, one of the circumstances that I have found most challenging living abroad is making new friends. Why do I say challenging? Simple, each country and city is different, so each culture have their own dynamics to meet people. However, with this I do not mean to say that it’s something impossible to achieve, the secret lies in understanding the pace in the city we are living, and luckily we live in a 100% technological era which makes it much easier for us to meet new people.

In the case of New York City I should start by saying that one of the virtues of this city is that it’s multicultural, so we can meet people with different backgrounds, which makes the experience of meeting new people more nutritious and fun. NYC is known worldwide for being the city that never sleeps, and literally in this city there is always something to do, the problem is to have enough time and money to do everything that this vibrant city offers us, that’s why the Apps that I am going to present to you next, work so well.

But before start I want to clarify that this is not an sponsorship article. The Apps that I have mentioned below have been used by me and friends close to me, that’s why I decided to make this list because I understand what it feels like to be new in a different culture and city. Having said that, Let’s started!



Eatwih is a very interesting App, especially for people who enjoy eating in good company. So, how does it work? In this App we can find different events sponsored by different people who offer their houses and their culinary skills to cook for a limit group of people in a determinate day. Additionaly, in the App we can find the menu offered by the hosts, we can check the number of people who can and will attend, cost and date.

 Stephen Chen, a Customs consultant who works at PricewaterhouseCoopers  in NYC, shared with us his experience using this App. “I have been to 3 dinner parties so far—one is Puerto Rican dinner party with a host from Puerto Rico originally, and the rest are Trinidad dinner parties with the same host originally from Trinidad. I met really interesting people in all these three dinner parties. The guests tend to be below 40 years old and are quite sociable. One reason why I like these dinner parties is because the host would talk about the history of the cuisine. For example, at one of the Trinidad dinner parties, the host explained that there were waves of Chinese and Indian immigrants to Trinidad, and this is reflected in their cuisine as well.” he said.

What I like about this App is that it brings together two social activities that we all enjoy, and that is eating while we enjoy a good chat. And what a better way to meet new people than this one?



If you like classic music, you have to attend to one of these events. Just like the previous App, there is a host who offers his house to professional musicians to give private concerts to a privileged number of people.

Registering on the website costs $ 3 and the events vary in a price frame of $ 20 dollars or a bit more. Usually the guests are free to bring drinks and food to share with the rest of the people after the presentation of the musician.

Personally I love music in all its forms. I think this type of events feed us culturally and are an excellent opportunity to meet people.

Sofar Sounds 

sofar-soundJust like the GroupeMuse are events focused on music, the difference lies in that Sofar Sounds is focused on popular music. But what makes this type of event interesting is that as users  we do not know what artist is going to performance when we buy our tickets, this is because the organization seeks that all bands have the same opportunity.

These events have a cost around of $ 20 bucks, and the type of audience that is seen there is usually younger than what we see in the other events, but it is a worthwhile experience. Also you can discover new genres of music that you did not know like jazz and tech for example.



InterNations is an expatriate organization located in more than 420 cities around the world. Basically what they offer is a community to meet, connect and exchange information with other people who, like us, are expatriates or just new in the country.

In addition, this organization offers different events that allow the community to integrate and everyone can make friends. InterNations usually orchestrate activities such as reading clubs and Happy Hours, among others.

Eventbrite & Meetup 

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-06 at 9.16.02 PM

And finally, I would like to recommend these two Apps. Meetup and Eventbrite serve as event seekers based on our tastes and location, which greatly facilitates discovering activities in our area on specific days of the week or month.


And finally you can find all this information (in Spanish) on my Youtube channel


Leave a comment below, I would love to read your opinion about living abroad and ways to meet new people.




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