For some folks, Valentine’s day is a horrible date that reminds them of their love misfortunes and for many, it becomes in a chase for finding  “that special person” and have a great date, which will later become in a steady relationship. –because, you know! spend Valentine’s day alone is the worst you can experience in life-, but let me tell you something! Think that way about love its just bullshit.

Who says you can’t spend a great day on your own? Honestly, I have always believed that everything in life is about your attitude, the way you decide to face life. If you decide to be sad you’ll feel blue about it; but if you decide to feel wonderful and just smile to your present – even when you aren’t in the place you want to be-  trust me, its gonna be a great day because you only need to keep in mind that you’re going to get what you want at some point. But it’s like that saying “you have to love yourself before someone else can”, may sound as a cliche but it’s true.

And my dear readers, if you are going to spend your Valentine’s Day abroad, let me tell you that you have gold in your hands because you will have the opportunity to do certain activities that in your native country you could not.

So smile! Because here I will leave you some ideas to spend the best Valentine’s day.

Focus on All  the Good Things  in Your Life 


Before you start, you should sit down for a moment and write down all the good things that are happening right now in your life. Place the environment with your favorite playlist, and you will see how that will help you get into that positive attitude that we need.

Be Your Valentine and Take Advantage of the Holidays Sales


Take advantage of all those offers in your favorite stores like Forever 21, H & M, Macy’s, Zara, and big brands like Coach or Michael Kors. Buy something cute that makes you feel beautiful and powerful, and remember not because you’re single it means you can not look beautiful. Pamper yourself its okay!

And in addition, take advantage of these types of offers because are a great opportunity to get things that you may need at a lower cost.

Make an Appointment with Your Hairdresser


A good haircut is always a good idea to set a positive mood, so do not hesitate to make an appointment with your hairdresser and get a change of style. It does not have to be a drastic change, just talk to your trusted hairdresser to achieve something different but without losing your essence and personality.

In this type of situation, it is best not to be impulsive and ask for something very drastic, because then you may feel overwhelmed. Before making your appointment, try to research some styles that you think could work on you. And remember, the important  thing here, it is to find a style that makes you feel yourself and beautiful.

Order Something Delicious to Eat


Even though restaurants may be super busy that day, do not forget to order something to go from your favorite place. Remember that food is one of those wonderful pleasures in  life, and when you eat something that you love you will be in a better mood. So do not forget to add your favorite dessert to your list.

Enjoy with a Friend Those Promotions for Couples


Usually, for Valentine’s Day, you find offers and/or promotions for two. So why waste that opportunity? Grab your phone and invite your best friend to spend that day of love and friendship with you because the discounts are not only for food and flowers, you can enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa, go to the theater, take that dancing class that you always wanted; or even some particular class in the gym. Be smart and take advantage of those offers, and then you’ll see that you can also enjoy an incredible day with a friend by getting out of the routine.

Visit a New Place


 The best part of living abroad is that there will always be new things to do. So make a list of those places that you wanted to know but that you have not had time to visit yet. Play for a while the role of a tourist and let the city and country where you are surprise you with its details and culture.

Buy that Book You Always Wanted to Read


Reading is one of those pleasures that nourishes our spirit and mind because when we are reading, we can learn about new things and travel to unparalleled places due to the power of words.

So, I recommend you to go to that bookstore and buy that book that you have been wanting to read for a while, then prepare a good coffee, buy a dessert that you love and enjoy a good read in the comfort of your home.

Marathon of Your Favorite Movies


Make a list of all the flick chick movies that you love and get comfortable in your bed accompanied by chocolates, and all those candies that you love the most. But if you do not want to see anything that reminds you of love, you can always see a TV show that you like or movies of any other gender, the important thing here is to do something different and enjoy it.

Try to Meet New People


I always recommend looking for activities that allow you to socialize, and if you are one of those introverted people you can always try an App to meet new people. One of my favorite Apps is Meetup because it allows you to meet people with similar interests to your. And if you are looking for something more romantic you can always go to Tinder or Bumble, but you must be careful if you decide to use applications for dates. The worst thing you can do is fall into those apps for the wrong reasons, like getting a date just because you do not want to be alone on Valentine’s Day or because you have a broken heart. If you use them under these circumstances you could get very disappointed. Remember, what we want here is to spend a fun day, and invest your time and emotions in positive things.

*I would like to add, that from the applications mentioned  above I am not a sponsor, I am just speaking  from my personal experience.*

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