Since I was little I used to dig into my mother’s closet and pretend that I was on the runway, while I was wearing all my moms clothes. I have always thought that how we dress is a reflection of our personality and a way of expressing ourselves. Fashion is not  a superficial thing in our lives, because it is not just about the clothes, the brand, or the tag price, it’s about how we feel with certain pieces and accessories that let us shine.

And something that I love about starting a new year, is to see the new trends that will come in fashion. So, with nothing more to say! Here are 10 trends that we can find this 2019

Shorts & Skirst

Via  Rejina Pyo /  Zara

Last year was all about cycling shorts, and even though they are expected to stay as a fashion trend for a while, thanks God, this year we can expect to see shorts with an style a little looser and more chic. Tailored, micro, and knee-length are some of the favorites to see this season. Additionally we can expect to see loose skirts or knit pleated skirts, but it is believed that skirts will not have as much prominence this year.

So, we should start to keep an eye on those pieces before the change of season to be ready and look spectacular during the summer.

Silk and Satin Tops

Via  Sachin & Babi/ Janis Top

This year we will see many silk and satin garments. But according to experts the searches of tops on Pinterest have increased 231%, which is why tops are considered among the favorite items to wear this 2019.

Let me recall that in the early 2000, silk and satin were among the favorites of the designers, but like everything in fashion, at some point it  faded out. However, the silk and satin seem to be reaching popularity again on the catwalks, so this year we will see many garments in these fabrics by our favorite brands.

Trend Colors : Beige, Terracotta,  Neon and Pastels

Via  Salvatore Ferragamo/ Valentino

And regarding the color palette that we can expect to see this year, the colors that stand out are beige, neon, and pastels will be the predominant ones. While the terracotta stands out as a favorite for summer. Brands like Versace, Valentino, and Balenciaga already gave us a glimpse of these colors on the catwalk.

Those people who already have garments of these colors congratulations, because this is what we will see in the stained glass throughout this 2019. The important thing here is to learn how to combine the colors in trend to achieve that look worthy of a haute couture catwalk.

Hats & Berets

Via Chanel/ John Galliano

Since last year we were able to witness a rebound with the hats on the catwalks and in our Instagram feed. And 2019 will not be the exception, the favorite seasons to wear this accessory are summer and spring. While this year the hats are expected to stand out for being bigger, and we can expect to see diverse styles such as berets, beekeepers, dad hats and visors for a more sporty style, bucket Hats, knit hats will be some of the favorites in summer and spring,  boater hats, wide brim hats, floppy hats, and straw hats, among others.

Probably, this is one of my favorite trends. If you visit my Instagram you will realize that I love hats, so I can not wait to combine my hats with the new trends in the fashion industry.


Via Dior / Stella McCartney

The tie-dye style was originally associated to hippies and art teachers decades ago. But since last summer it seems that tie-dye it’s reaching popularity again. Dior was responsible to bring this style again from a new perspective,  the brand employed its meticulous craftsmanship to the process to create kaleidoscope versions, resulting in a more glamorous version of the tie-dye style.

But Dior wasn’t the only want who decided to venture in this style, Miuccia Prada went for a flouro approach, while Stella McCartney’s decided to go with a blue and white boiler suits, T-shirts and combat trousers, a little more avant-garde according to our times.


Via  Veronica Beard/ Sachin & Babi

During fall and winter we can expect to see thousands of jumpsuits in the shop windows. With the arrival of the cold season we should forget about short skirts and start to warm up more with the help of layers, for which jumpsuits are usually a good option if we want to look elegant and not freeze in the attempt.

And one detail that I love about jumpsuits is that depending on the style we wear, we can highlight our figure in a positive way. Either if we choose a tight jumpsuit or a little loose  one on the legs and hips to give that will help us to stylize our figure. Luckily, fashion reaches any type of budget so we can find these styles from well known designers like Valentino or Carolina Herrera, to fast fashion brands like Forever 21 and H & M. Everything will depend on what we are looking for and  what our budget allows us to acquire.

Golden Accessories

Via Versace/ Chanel

As far as accessories and jewelry are concerned, gold will be the predominant color this year. Among the favorites will be the coin necklaces and charms to the belts, something that we appreciated in the catwalk of well known designers such as Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, and Versace’s Donatella.

Besides we can expect to see a lot of logos in the jewelry this 2019. Putting the name of the brand on necklaces, earrings, and belts it’s still trendy, especially since Dior and Balenciaga used their logos in their accessories in recent catwalks. This year, we can also appreciate that the trend is towards large logos, rings, and tendrils. The ostentatious and striking is what many designers looked for this season.


Via Fendi / Alexachung

Regarding the trends in handbags, this year will be predominant colors, designs, and textures. We will see during the summer bamboo bags and woven cotton tote as the favorites. And although the predominant style will be small bags, we can also find some designs in slightly larger sizes. Additionally,  versatile looped straps are still a thing this season, so we can expect to see them in different shapes, and colors.

But in my opinion, when it comes to choosing the right bag we must take into account certain details such as, what is the event or occasion we are going to attend, what essential things we need to take with us, and find a style that is consistent with our essence are fundamental factors to achieve that look we want.

High-rise wide-leg Jeans / Pants

Via Pinterest

High-rise wide-leg jeans or pants, are usually a constant in the fashion industry. They tend to disappear from time to time, for later return transformed according to current trends. The great thing about this type of jeans is that if we know our bodies well we can choose styles that help us highlight the best parts of our figure.

Usually,  this type of jeans help us to give the impression of having longer legs, to hide our hips if they are a bit loose in that area, and to give that impression of a small and curvilinear waist. High-rise wide-leg jeans,  can be used in different occasions depending in the style and colors, and them combined with the right garments can be that elegant touch our outfit needs.

Puffed Shoulders & Sleeves

Via Zara

As I mentioned before, when I was little I used to wear my mother’s clothes, especially her blazers with puffed shoulders. So, as you can see this has been one of my favorite trends of 2018, that luckily will remain during this 2019. Puffed Shoulders & Sleeves, give that retro touch and glam that I love.

Style Caster explains that ” 2019 should bring us even more iterations of the puffy sleeve than 2018; whereas Kate Spade offered a distinctly understated puffy sleeve at NYFW, and Marc Jacobs brought down the house with puffy sleeves too.” What makes this style so original is that it is impossible not to attract the attention of all when you wear a garment of this style. It simply manages to elevate our essence and allows us to shine

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