Traveling is probably one of the best pleasures in life, for that reason I wanted to share with you some tips according to my experience, that will help and will make your the life easier.


Flight Deals 

Use a private or incognito window when you are booking flights online: Travel agency websites will track your visit and can raise the price.


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Find the Right Bathroom

The first bathroom in the airport terminal is always the busiest: Use the next one to skip the long waits and save precious time.

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If  You Forgot Your Charger Adapter

 You can charge your phone in the back of a TV with a USB slot.



Instead of Buying Water At The Airport

Carry an empty bottle and fill it out, after you pass through security.


Choosing the Right Seat on The Plane

When you are choosing your seat on the plane consider the following: The closer the seats are to the wing of the plane less turbulence you will feel.


Google Map Tips 

To use Google Maps offline: You have to type ” OK MAPS” and that will keep the area visible for future access. 

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How to Pack

When you are packing your bags: Put the rolled up belts on the necks of the shirts to keep them stretched.


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When You’re  Booking Seats For 2 People

Try to book the hallway and window seats because if nobody takes the middle seat you can get a full row.


Do You Need More Space In Your Suitcase? Do The Following

Roll up your clothes instead of folding it: It will save you a lot of luggage space. Also you can use a Vacuum Seal Storage.

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When To Buy Tickets?

The best time to buy your tickets is Tuesday until 3:00 p.m.: Big airlines want to reduce their rates to compete with other discount airlines such as Southwest and Jetblue. If you look to save money that is the time to buy.

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Was this helpful? I would love to hear any tips you have for me and to know your experience!

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