New year, new life and new things to be obsessed. And of course, in the technology world,  big brands constantly compete for being the most innovative because nobody likes to be outdated in a market that is constantly changing and evolving. However, not only the most recognized brands will seek to capture our attention with their products, this year we will see new brands that have a lot to offer to the technology market. So, 2018 could not be different from the previous years with releases to the market of new gadgets that seek to dazzle consumers.

My advice?  Prepare yourself and your pocket because if you are a fan of technology you will love this list and you will definitely want to buy more than one of the products that I am going to present to you.

Are you ready? Let’s started 


Amazon Go Stores 



Is there something that Amazon can not offer us? The great monster of the market, Amazon, is once again surprising us by opening its first Amazon Go store, last January in Seattle, Washington; which seeks to innovate the whole concept of purchase for users. This store is equipped with sensors and cameras that track which items the user has taken or returned to the shelf. This technology with the help of the Amazon Go app, allows the consumption to be automatically charged to the client’s account thus avoiding the cumbersome lines to pay, making the shopping experience much faster.

Moreover, the stores provide to the clients with check out free shopping for the first time, so, what do you think about it? Should we plan a visit one of these stores? I don’t know about you, but I’m dying for visiting one of those and live the full experience of buying without worrying about the time I need to waste in the line to pay.

Nutale GPS


Someone has been listening to our prayers! Well, at least if you’re one of those people who often lose their personal stuff. Nutale GPS is a small device that helps you find your things when you lose them, and is considered one of the most accurate trackers in the world. So how it works? Nutale gives you the possibility to track anything that moves, either: your children, pets, bikes, luggage or objects of personal value. This device works with an App that is compatible with Android and iOS that works in conjunction with your phone to follow up on real-time updates.

Nutale gives you absolute control with a single touch, giving you the possibility to create geographic alerts, real-time tracking, SOS button, 30 days of rechargeable battery life and access up to 4 weeks of historical footprints.  Finally, Nutale makes it easy for you, with its compact and ergonomic design, accompanied by its powerful performance, you can always keep track of the things that matter most to you.


Motorola Smart Nursery 7 Portable-Video Baby Monitor



For parents and their little ones. Motorola now offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on your children with a single touch within reach of your hands, this device is compatible with your phone, allowing you to do any other type of activity at home or in the office  while you still watch what happens with the children.

Among its most important features we can highlight its ergonomic design, remote HD 1080p video streaming, Wi-Fi access, bidirectional communication, built- in the rechargeable battery supports up to 3 hours of video streaming, portable camera with remote pan, tilt, and zoom. The device also offers sound, motion, notifications, expression detection, infrared night vision, lullabies and a timer to feed, change and sleep

So! without a doubt, Motorola understood the great concerns of parents who need to do other activities but at the same time want to be aware of what happens with their children.


Anthropologie Solar Portable Charger

Anthropologie Solar Portable Charger-karlis-herrera-blog

Compact and powerful, forget about having low battery in your phone  again because  this Portable Charger can  be stick it with your keys or carry it in your pocket, giving you the possibility of use it in case of emergency due to it works with sunlight, which in some way helps us to take care of the planet. And the best of all, it does not occupy space and its structure is super light.

Among its most outstanding features we can mention its elegant design in a pink gold color, it has a micro USB, and USB cables, a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery, supplementary solar panel, and it also comes with a hook clip that allows you to easily carry it.


RED Hydrogen One


Get ready because this is going to blow your mind. RED plans to launch its holographic technology phone this summer – but it’s already available in pre-ordered-. RED with its upcoming Hydrogen One seeks to gain, and establish itself in the market with its holographic technology that will allow users to live a unique experience that it does not compare with what big telephony monsters are offering to their users right now.

What does it offer? It promises to show “4V” holographic video content without the need for 3D glasses, and also capture “H4V” through a single camera. In addition to that, RED offers us 5.7 inches of 2,560 x 1,440 display to enjoy a better vision when we watch content on our phone.

Regarding its design, it has a screen of 5, 7 inches. The phone has a large chassis with the camera in the back, its structure seeks to give greater comfort in-hand, and a better grip when you hold it. It also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB-C charging port, and a Pogo pin connector. Finally, it has a 4,500mAh battery.


PQube – Hyperkin SmartBoy




Raise your hand if you were one of those children addicted to the Game Boy because if so, now you can relive those times with the new PQube accessory that allows you to turn your phone into a Game Boy, and play again the best video games of your childhood.

So far we had not seen an accessory for smartphones that added joypad buttons, and turned your device into a mini arcade machine that works so well as this one. It also brings the option of play with the old Game Boy cartridges.

How does it work? Slide your phone as if it were a case, but take in consideration that it requires a USB-C connection to work effectively, while the cartridges are inserted in the back slot. In addition, the accessory is compatible with phones with screens of 5.2 to 6 inches,  but you need to remember that has been released as part of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program geared towards the phones of that brand.  The company has not given full information about the other phones with which this device is also compatible.

Moreover, the games PAL and NTSC are also compatible. Additionally, this accessory includes its own built-in battery with a life of 5 hours of use, but can also be recharged through the battery of the phone.


iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot


It seems that there is a wave of smart machines that promise to make your life easier at home. And somehow, this robot vacuum cleaner reminds me of the Jetsons, and how with just a touch or their voices everything seemed to have a solution in their world.

And the iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot promises to do all the cleaning for you, giving you full control from your App, which allows you to program and customize the cleaning mode. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and  Google’s assistant.

Among its most outstanding features are its sensors for detecting dangerous spaces, such as cliffs and stairs, which prevent the robot from falling. It can be run up to 75 minutes, then automatically recharges and continues with the cleaning. And finally, thanks to its AeroForce cleaning system, it manages to loosen, lift and suck up dirt with up to 5 times more power than a regular vacuum. Additionally,  its patented brushes without tangles easily manipulate the hair of pets.

Fitbit Alta Hr Heart Rate Wristband Smart Watch


If you love to lead a healthy life and you are a technology lover you will want to have this smart watch, which gives you the opportunity to know if you are getting enough exercise. The watch allows you to follow your steps, your heart rate and even your dream patterns, knowing all this information will help you to make the necessary changes in your routine.

Among its most noteworthy features we can highlight that it adapts to wrists with measures between 5.5 “- 6.7” in circumference, tracks the time between light, deep and REM sleep; you can access your statistics and notifications thanks to its OLED screen, which it’s compatible with iOs, Android, and Windows devices. Finally, the battery lasts up to 7 days.

Take your exercise routine to another level with the help of the Fitbit High Hr Heart Rate Wristband Smart Watch, which not only has an ergonomic, elegant and lightweight design, but also, provides you with all the information you need while you do exercise, helping you to recognize which are the areas that you should improve to achieve your goals.


Kuri  A Robotic Home Assistant


He is Kuri, an adorable robotic assistant that looks like Baymax from Big Hero 6 with the difference that he is smaller and is not as soft as the robot in the Disney movie. Kuri is a tiny robot that works as an assistant in your home, and also includes all the functions of Alexa from Amazon. This little one moves around your home thanks to its wheels that adapt to almost any plane, while its eyes work as cameras that allow him to take pictures, and record videos. It also has a built-in speaker that allows you to listen to your favorite music while he goes around the house accompanying you.

It has a 1080p camera, it has the ability to respond to the touch of users, especially children, in addition to having face and voice recognition which allows him to remember people. When children are back from school Kuri sends a text message to the parents letting them know that the kids are already at home. He has sensors that allow him to distinguish and recognize obstacles in the place where he is, helping him to avoid crashing; he is able to answer questions, and finally, he automatically returns to his docking station when his battery is low.


Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses


Although smart glasses may not be a novelty nowadays, Vaunt’s  creators wanted to offer to people a user-friendly smart glasses that were low-key and classic without the need of steal everyone’s attention.

The key? Intel decided to provide an ergonomic design, light and elegant that allows users to go unnoticed while they get all the necessary information projected on their retina, thanks to a red monochromatic projector that illuminates an image in a “holographic mirror”, which bounces the image in your eye. Intel modified the glasses in order that the text board will only appear when the user looks at the bottom or  glances down  at the bottom of the frame, preventing eyestrain from getting tired.

Besides, you can adapt this glasses to your formula to read, and use them as regular lenses when you are not looking for information with them, that is why they do not include an LCD screen, speaker or microphone for the moment.

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