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“Karlis is an incredible content producer. She helped me transform one idea into multiple pieces of content from English to Spanish, which was an amazing time saver. She’s dependable, hard-working, and organized. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance to!” -Ethan Bence- CEO of 4080 Marketing

Ethan Bence

" When I met Karlis I instantly knew she would be a great asset to my team as the Editor of my entire blog due to her insight, creativity, vision, professionalism, and dedication. This woman is phenomenal in both character and talent. Daily our blog, The Princess Beach Bride, grows in numbers and subscribers-- all within our ideal client demographic. Whatever she is doing on the backend with SEO,  meta-tagging, and email marketing campaigns must be working. Her article suggestions are lively and relevant to the needs of our ideal client. Her team-building and oversight have made our blog into something I am extremely proud of. I am thankful for her leadership and hard work. Karlis is an amazing addition to our team and we are glad to have her!" -Gabby Cunningham CEO of  Bella Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

Gabby Cunningham

"Karlis is a great social content manager to work with. Not just because of her unique style, talented content and high engagement, but the way she cares about our business and products, the passion and extra effort she devoted to our projects help us in so many ways." -Chi Zhang - CEO of Mystery Label

Chi Zhang

"Working with Karlis has been one of the best decisions so far. She is hardworking, creative, constant, and meets all objectives set. In fact, she has a lot of initiative to improve things and gets involved in the projects as if they were her own -with everything that entails.- Karlis has helped us to create quality content that projects the essence of our brand, achieving an increase in our reach and engagement." - Jon Fernández-  Kuvu's Chief of Marketing 

Jon Fernández

¨Karlis is an awesome localizer to work together since she has an excellent on-time work-style and accuracy. She worked on our game's translation from English to Spanish (Latin America) and made our-work easy, simple, and fun. Her responsible and reliable behavior helped and motivated us in so many ways. ¨  Murat Yilmaz co-founder of the video game Animal Rescuer 

Murat Yilmaz